Thursday, July 19, 2012

Black Visa Card: The Origins of Prestige

For some time, the Visa Black card has blazed its way across your television screen as scenes of unmitigated wealth and luxury followed closed behind. A black-clad model - actress Donna Feldman - would grace the screen, with multiple readily-identifiable toys of the rich and famous scattered about her, in various states of use. This card is obviously marketed for those who aren't financially faint-of-heart. The message is clear: in America, size matters (at least; more than anywhere else) - and only the middle class and above deserves to walk around with a big stick.

So what is this Black card from Visa, and what makes it so prestigious? After all, emblazoned right on the front of the card invitation is the outrageously exclusive claim that just the top one-percent of American residents are eligible to apply for and receive the card. This, however, stands in opposition to the many claims by surprised credit card offer receivers that they were invited by Visa Black to join their exclusive Rewards Program; although of course, applying doesn't mean you will get accepted. If you do, then prepare to join the ranks of a wannabe super-culture; because while the Visa Black Card is nice, it's certainly no AMEX Centurion by American Express.

As for the attractive physical appearance of the carbon exterior, this is so impressive as to have garnered its own special patent; it can't legally be employed by any other credit card company for financial gain - or simple publicity (same thing, actually). Basically, the black Visa card isn't comprised of the run-of-the-mill plastic your average charge card is made out of. Additionally, Visa's flagship into the luxury realm is flanked by a great rewards program; above and beyond the 1% cash-back on expenditures. Card-holders have reported receiving restaurant dinners for two, Nordstrom's items and other higher-end department stores.

As for the travel benefits that go with the Visa Black, the charge card is highly-regarded in nearly a hundred countries all around the planet, with hundreds of exclusive airport lounges that grant you access to lounges that are unavailable to others, or available to them only at a steep fee. A 24 hour concierge service can make that trip in a foreign place much more comfortable, by arming you with the knowledge to fully experience the city scene.

Do all these benefits come at some cost? Visa Black requires a $495 annual fee for the privilege of using their black card. This averages out to just under $42 monthly, which should be a drop in the bucket if you're making the suggested $100,000 per year to reasonably expect to be accepted by Visa Black. With the benefits and prizes the card offers, more people than you might expect have eagerly signed up for a chance to be like Donna Feldman.

Tim is an avid finance-nerd type, and is quite interested in the ongoing fascination with Visa Black card s and other high-end charge cards. A former finance coach for upper middle class families in a gated community in Manhattan, Tim lends his expertise online these days and in occasional seminars. He helps run a website on black card s and their ramifications in the credit sector with a friend from college.

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